Aerobic Kick Boxing



This form of Kickboxing is practiced only for its Fitness & Fun value. There is no contact and no fighting involved, & this can be taken up by one and all – young & old, men & women, healthy as well as diseased. It is more like aerobics & less like Fighting.It is an ideal method of getting fit, losing weight, managing Stress!

The aerobic kickboxing system was first introduced by us in India in 1995 especially for Mumbai police CID (SB) where 500 cops with health problems like arthritis, spondylosis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. Pot bellies were treated by this program. Aerobic kickboxing is an exercise system with components of kicking, boxing, aerobics, & dance performed in tune to foot-tapping music.

Aerobic kickboxing system (AKBS) aims at –

  • Flexibility.
  • Strength .
  • Cardio.
  • Stress management.
  • Weight loss.

Our Kickboxing instructors are qualified in fitness, martial arts, boxing, & paramedical subjects.
8 sessions a month ( 2 sessions of 1 hour each every week, flexible hours)
Aerobic kickboxing, which combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning. Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors – it’s a cardiovascular workout that’s done because of its many benefits to the body. Besides keeping your body fit, kickboxing has tons of other benefits. According to a study by the ACE, you can burn anywhere from 350 to 450 calories an hour with kickboxing!

Kickboxing also reduces and relieves stress. Its rigorous workout – controlled punching and kicking movements carried out with the discipline and skills required for martial arts – can do wonders for feelings of frustration and anger. Practicing kickboxing moves can also help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

Kickboxing is also a great way to get a total body workout while learning simple self-defense moves. Kickboxing fans say the sport helps them to feel more empowered and confident. So get out there and jab, punch, and kick your way to fitness

Aerobic Kickboxing Techniques

  • Roundhouse kick: Stand with the right side of your body facing an imaginary target with your knees bent and your feet shoulders’ width apart. Lift your right knee, pointing it just to the right of the target and pivoting your body toward the same direction. Kick with your right leg, as though you are hitting the target. Repeat with your other leg.
  • Front kick: Stand with feet shoulders’ width apart and arms at a 90-degree angle in front of your shoulders. Bend your knees slightly, and pull your right knee up to your chest. Point your knee in the direction of an imaginary target. Then, kick out with the ball of your foot. Repeat with your other leg.
  • Side kick: Start with the right side of your body facing a target. Pull your right knee up to your left shoulder, and bend your knees slightly as you kick in the direction of your target. The outside of your foot or heel should be the part that would hit the target. Repeat with your other leg
  • Punches: Jab (Lead straight punch with shoulder piston movement), Cross (Rear straight punch with body and hip rotation), Hook (horizontal rotary punch with elbow bent landing on side of face and head (jaw), Uppercut (vertical upward punch with bent elbow landing on chin or body)
  • Kick Boxing Combos: Listed are a variety of combinations from boxing, All oriented around smooth rotation around the spine, swinging the shoulders so that each punch winds up for the next.
    • Jab – Cross-Jab-Knee
    • Jab-Cross-Hook-Duck
    • Jab-Cross-Hook-Uppercut.
    • Jab-Uppercut-Hook-Cross.
    • Hook-Cross-Hook. Add a duck or a front kick to make it a four-count.
    • Hook-Uppercut-Hook:
    • cycle to start at a slow pace on one side, then double-up the count, then switch sides and go back to a slow pace, then double-up.Jab-and-cross-and-hook-and-up, Jab-and-cross-and-hook-and-up, , then double-up to Jab-cross-hook-up, jab-cross-hook-up, and so on…

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