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Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע: “close combat”) is a Self Defense and Military Combat System. It got world wide popularity after it was adopted by various Israeli Military services; now also in use by the Special Forces of other countries. The version of Krav Maga taught to civilians is more often a simplified version that emphasizes Personal self-defense in a variety of situations common in todays unpredictable world.

Basic principles

In Krav Maga, is not a sport, and there are no specific uniforms, or competitions. All the techniques focus real-life conditions. Krav Maga attacks and defenses are intended for potentially lethal threat situations, aim to neutralize and escape via maximum pain as rapidly and safely BY Crippling attacks to vulnerable body parts, including groin and eye strikes, headbutts and improvized use of any objects available, and maximizing personal safety in a fight, are emphasized.

The guiding principles for those performing Krav Maga techniques are:

  • Neutralize the threat
  • Avoid injury
  • Go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible
  • Use the body’s natural reflexes
  • Strike at any vulnerable point
  • Use any tool or object nearby

The basic idea is to first deal with the immediate threat prevent the attacker from re-attacking, and then neutralize the attacker, in a methodical manner, despite the rush of adrenaline that occurs in such an attack.


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Now learn Krav Maga skills at our Academy. Where we combine our extensive experience in military martial arts in designing the 3 month BASIC & 3 month ADVANCED INSTRUCTORS ‘Krav Maga Mortal Kombat’ courses.

‘Krav Maga Mortal Kombat’ course is a comprehensive Course which combines

  • Krav Maga Defensive Skills
  • Military Unarmed Combat Offensives
  • Defences for Common Day to Day Threatening Situations
  • D] Fitness & Fat Burning Aerobic workouts (Weight Loss)
  • E] Kick Boxing Skills

‘Krav Maga Mortal Kombat’ is designed for adapting Krav Maga & other military martial arts skills to common situations in day to day life in metros like

  • # Mugging
  • # Assault & street fights
  • # Knife & sword attacks
  • # Stick attacks
  • # Multiple opponent attack
  • # Common situations like Chokes, Collar grabs, Front tackle, Bear hugs, Wrist grab, etc
  • # Pupils are taught to fight in a variety of circumstances like in Buses, Trains, Streets, etc

Our “Krav Maga Mortal Kombat” Civilian Course is a specially designed course for Mumbai citizens, which is

  • Comprehensive,
  • Easy to learn,
  • Downright practical,
  • Taught only in small numbers,
  • With most modern equipment,
  • It is a hands on certified course of 3 months duration.

Check out our Newly Started WEEKEND INSTRUCTOR Course !

(Asisstant Instructor) CIC-1 & (Certified Instructor ) CIC-2

Course will help you to start an Independent career as one of the few certified Krav Maga Instructor in any health club as well as teach private clients.

4 weekends Sat & Sun 2hours each day.
Begins Every Month from first weekend.
Personalized: One Instructor per student
Convenient Timings for Working people
Extensive Syllabus:

  • a) Theory
  • b) Hands on Israeli Techniques
  • c) Media Leraning with Audio visuals & Books
  • d) Train with latest Equipment
  • e) Israeli Tactics & Strategy
  • f) Military Fitness
  • g) Semi Contact Light Sparring
  • h) All out Fighting with complete protective gear
  • i) Mental Techniques of Mind Control
  • j) Hypnosis to overcome Fear Response
  • k) Confrontational Negotiation
  • l) First Aid & CPR.

International Certifications.

  • Authorization to start teaching Krav Maga.
  • Website Entry into National Krav Maga Directory
  • Referral of Students
  • Cost of Course is 50 % of Price elsewhere

Special Short Instructor Crash Courses for those outside Mumbai, Intensive 3 hours daily for 5 days each for, CIC-1 & CIC-2. You can represent us in your Region and start a fresh career in the most happening Fitness Revolution. Click here for KRAV MAGA MUMBAI WEBSITE

Welcome to ACF - Change your Life!

To find out more about our courses, you are requested to call us and speak to Sasmira at 9820496752

  • A VISIT can then be scheduled to the Academy on a Sat or Sun from 8am to 5pm by prior appointment. Depending upon your needs and requirements, we shall advice on tailormaking a program course for you, choosing from various program options. You shall be counseled extensively by our expert counsellors at no fee for either visit or counseling. Photo ID will be required for entry into the Academy for purposes of security.
  • THE FEE will depend upon the time slot, course selected, upon who trains you (Director, Multi Faculty or Instructors) and how many hours program selected by you) Fees are affordable considering the extensive facilities and resulting lifetime of change in personality change and combat dominance.
  • JOINING OPTIONS: Thereafter its upto you to join or not. When your course begins, what time slot is desired and other factors may be resolved subsequently on telephonic discussions with our office.
DETAILS: Further details can be availed by visiting our other websites
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