Military Martial Arts

Development of Military Martial Arts

  • In Britain: Military Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Arts are very different from Civilain Martial Arts. Tracing the development of Military Martial Arts (Now also called ‘Combatives’), it all started with World War II, when British Army started developing a quick system of Hand to Hand Combat called UAC. This was hastily compiled with major influence by judo & wrestling. Thus they used to catch a punch, grab a kick, grab a bayonet thrust at them and throw! Very impractical, but this method spread all over the allies as UAC.
  • In China: In 1926, William Fairbairn developed “Defendu” derived from Chinese Martial Arts and Kodokan Judo. Defendu was developed to train the Shanghai Police and was later taught in expanded form to the American OSS and SOE members during World War II. Fairbairn was called upon by the British to help train Allied Troops in World War II.
  • In USA: The US OSS Col Rex Applegate decided to modernize Hand to Hand Combat. He wrote the famous manual “Kill or Be Killed” another Defendu or old Fairburns art derivation. Judo- Wrestling influence on Military H2H. He also emphasized “Quick Pistol Shooting” Techniques in CQB & use of Fairbairn Sykes knife in cutting Windpipe for Sentry Termination. This became US Marines FM Manual. In 2000, the US Army FM-21 Manual of CQB UAC course was derived from Brazilian variation of Judo (BJJ) and Russian Sambo, a sport wrestling.
  • In Israel: An Instructor in Physical training for Isreali Defense forces, Imi Litchinfield developed a newer system of military martial art. This art was modified for civilian application and called Krav Maga. The military version is popularly known as Hagannah.

So it is obvious that all these military martial arts were based on Civilian martial arts & restricted to one or other kind of wrestling art, hence narrow in technique & application.

ACCS: The Military Art popular with Indian Forces

In India, the Dr. Rao couple, Prof. Dr. Deepak Rao and Dr. Seema Rao were passionately involved with modernizing Military close combat martial arts from 1994. Their art ACCS: Advanced Commando Combat System included skills which could be learnt quickly without much precision training and used at vital points to kill.

Shaolin Monks, Japanese Grand Masters & eminent Military Combative Trainers all over the world were asked to comment on this art, and all of these have applauded the simplicity of the art in keeping with US Army KISS principle of “Keep It Simple Stupid”

This art of ACCS has been studied and trained in, by many Indian Infantry Regt Trg Centers, Academies, Elite Units, Special Forces, Para, Commando Wing, Paramilitary, National Security , Special Units of Police forces all over India. Till date 15,000 soldiers have been trained in this modern methods without any compensation over last 15 years by the Rao couple in ACCS. ACCS is the newest military martial art to hit the world after Krav Maga.


(For one & all who qualify in character) We offer limited courses for select civilians from time to time. These are imparted to civilians after security character clearance Directors interview.
GOAL : For those seeking adventure or desiring to acquire Self defense Skills.


10 hours -20 sessions to be completed within One month. ONLY FOR ARMED FORCES OFFICERS
Goal: To impart Martial Art skills for purpose of self defense


75 hours – to be completed within Ten months.
Goal: Black Belt training is for those with serious & professional interest in Self Defense.
Note: No Military related subjects will be taught to any civilian. Syllabus will focus on strong self defense in day to day civil situations

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