Ninja Arts of Ninjutsu

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A ninja was a highly skilled operator in Japan, specially trained in the art of assasination, epsionage, gureilla warfare covert killing & martial arts. In Japan, they were usually trained for dangerous and high-risk stealth clandestine missions very similar to those of the modern-day spies. Their roles may have included assassination, epsionage, gureilla warfare covert killing missions as a way to destabilize and cause social chaos in enemy territory or against an opposing ruler, perhaps in the service of their feudal rulers shogun. Ninja today is reduced to few military techniques and mostly encompasses hand to hand techniques with some weaponry from medieval Japan. At our Academy we teach a special kind of Ninja art – CANONJAA to eligible candidates.


  • Cranial – Techniques of causing Cardio Respiratory Breakdown
  • Artery – Strikes to cause Internal or External Hemorrhage,
  • Nerve – Pressure to cause Paralysis & Immobility of Limbs,
  • Organ – Organ Rupture & Impactions
  • N – And
  • Joint – Joint Dislocations, Fractures of the Limbs & Spine
  • Attacks &
  • Annihilations – To Handicap, Cripple & Terminate only when Life is threatened.

Canonjaa is a modern day combat art from India based upon strong Scienctific facts & has no connextion with the ancient Indian Regional martial arts which are scientifically baseless. Canonjaa is a hybrid fighting art & absorbs meaningful techniques from various deadly Arts, predominantly Ninja, Chinese Gung Fu, Military Martial Arts & Pressure Point Systems & combines this with the knowledge of Medical Physiology & Surgical Anatomy. The Resultant techniques form the Basis of this Mortal Kombat Art! CANONJAA IS MOST USEFUL FOR TRAINING INDIAN ARMED FORCES & POLICE & SECUTITY FORCES ONLY

Frequently Asked Questions about CANONJAA

  • What is CANONJAA? CANONJAA is a Deadly Combat System with techniques to induce Crippling, Handicap, Paralysis, Organ failure, Vital Organ dysfunction, Joint dislocations & Fractures.
  • What is CANONJAA meant for? CANONJAA is meant only for protection of Life & Soil. CANONJAA is the use of deadly force, justified only to save ones own life or in protection of Nations soil. In situations where if you don’t strike, you could end up dead!
  • Who developed CANONJAA? The CANONJAA system was devised by Counter Terrorism Training Experts, for use in special operations. Further details are confidential.
  • Why does one need CANONJAA? When a human being man is faced with a life threatening crisis, he gets paralyzed with fear. His mind stops working & his body goes immobile. He breaks into a cold sweat & gets the adrenaline jitters. In such a circumstance if one does not act fast, he could end up dead. In such circumstances, Self defense techniques & routine Martial art skills may land you in further trouble by the Assailant using greater aggression. You may end up getting killed or seriously injured. The soldiers operation or life could be at stake. In such circumstances you need to know techniques which can cause immediate neutralization of the life threatening factor causing fatal injury to yourself or your mission.
  • In What way is CANONJAA different from other Martial Art systems? CANONJAA combines
    • · Military Unarmed Combat Vital Point Attacks,
    • · Ninjitsu & Ninja Skills of Military Martial Arts
    • · Secrets of Krav Maga, Israeli Defense System
    • · Shaolin Kung Fu Tiger Claw Killing & Crippling,
    • · Chinese Gung Fu Chinna Organ Destruction,
    • · Filipino Kali Joint Dislocations,
    • · Indian Marhma & Kaleri payat Nerve Destructions
    • · Dim Mak Pressure Point System,
    • · Advanced Commando Combat System Crippling,
    • · Japanese Jiu Jutsu Bone Manipulations & Aikido Throwing
    • · Muay Thai Striking & Kick Boxing,
    • · Cranial Impactions from various Combat arts to cause temporary Shock & Unconsciousness.
    • · Grappling Secrets of Spinal & Cervical Strains & Displacements.
    • · Organ failures, Cardio Respiratory Impedance.
    • · Methods of causing temporary & permanent Paralysis.
    • · Oriental & Medical Methods of Revival, Resuscitation, Healing & Revitalization.

Course Contents of CANONJAA


  • Musculo-Skeletal System Study
  • Human Organ Study
  • Vascular System Study
  • Nervous System Study
  • Cranio Cerebral Study


  • Physical Conditioning for Training
  • Hand Development with Iron Palm Shaolin Technique
  • Finger, Wrist & Forearm Power Development


  • Techniques of Defense & Self Protection
  • Techniques of Offensive Striking
  • Techniques of Crippling & Dislocating
  • Techniques of Vital Organ Striking
  • Techniques of Nerve Destruction
  • Techniques of Cutting Blood Supply
  • Techniques of Cutting Air Supply
  • Techniques of Unconsciousness
  • Techniques of Termination when Life is threatened


  • Emergency Medical Aid &
  • Revival Science
  • Joint & Bone Corrections & Manipulations
  • CPR
  • Self Preservation & Survival
  • Energy & Performance Nutrition


  • Psychology of Confrontation
  • Adrenaline Response Modification Drills
  • Body Language, Eye Language, Verbal & Touch Communication
  • Threat Perception, Assessment & Threat Response
  • Survival Kit

How can one learn CANONJAA? CANONJAA can be learnt over 24 lessons, of 1 hour each.

Who is eligible to learn CANONJAA? CANONJAA Trainees will require to undertake The CANONJAA Oath – Never to Display, Never to Teach and Never to Use CANONJAA other than to save Life or National Soil.

The Indian Forces & Police are eligible & we can conduct CANONJAA courses routinely on request, separately or along with our other courses, as we have been doing over last 18 years.

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