Philosophy of Martial Arts

300px Satori.svg Philosophy of Martial Arts


Its paradoxical that Killing arts require a liberated mind for proper execution & attitude. History reminds us that from Bodhidharma came Zen Buddhism and from the same man came the origins of Martial Arts.


In any Killing art, the soldier needs to be at peace with his self or state of Mind. The Code followed by Samurai called “Bushido” which is: Courage, Spirit, Truth, Honour, Destiny


Buddha achieved Nirvana (Total Permanent Liberation) under the Bodhisattva Tree. We may experience Satori  (Momentary Liberation) in day to day Life. The Monk who walked the same path for years who one day suddenly realized that the path was laced with flowers, butterflies & greenery which he never noticed before & started dancing n singing which lasted only a few minutes. This is satori or momentary realization

Noble Truths of Buddhism:

  • In Life there is Suffering
  • Suffering comes from Desire.
  • Detachment ends Suffering
  • Follow the 8 Fold Path to end Suffering:
    • Correct Thought (Understanding),
    • Correct Aspiration (Purpose)
    • Correct Concentration (Mental Focus), 
    • Correct Effort, (Physical Focus) 
    • Correct Behavior (Moderation),
    • Correct Speech (Expression),
    • Correct Vocation (Livelihood),
    • Correct Contemplation (Awareness of Self-Breath & Universe).


The Mind is like a bowl. Thoughts flow freely, in and out. Observe but donot retain any thought. Also Do not force a thought out. Flow Freely. Reflect every thought like a Mirror.
Develop Muen Munshi:  One Thought. One Action. No Mind.
Zen advocates Contemplative Meditation. Instant Realization is called Satori. Osho said Satori is looking out of the window whereas Nirvana is walking out of the door!  


Tao represents perfect Balance that exists in this Universe. Effortlessly. This balance is made of :

  • Yang: represents the harder force: rigid, strong, powerful force.  e.g. like Sun, Male, Day, Anger, Will Power
  • Ying: represents the softer force, the counterpart: gentleness, adaptibility. Moon, Night, Compassion, Submission.
  • Tao is Perfect balance is a balanced interplay of the two forces. Be Soft, yet not yielding, Be Firm, yet not hard!

6. VOID of Non Differentiation:

  • The Void is that which lies between this and that.
  • It is all inclusive and excludes nothing.
  • Make a hairbreaths difference and Heaven and Earth will be set apart
  • He who realizes the void , is filled with power & love & joy for all beings.


emphasized Meditation in Movement like Dance to purge Repression & Anger & TEACHES Tao& Zen.


  • Simplicity is the height of Cultivation.
  • Directness is the shortest distance between two points, always a straight line.
  • Effectivity dictates path taken.
  • Open Mindedness makes No Way as the Way.
  • Drop the Classical if Limitations, Embrace Non Classical if towards Freedom. 


    1. DONOT LIE: Speak the truth. Be brave. Don’t say things u don’t mean. Don’t indulge in convenience lying. Only Cowards lie.
    2. DONOT STEAL: Don’t take things which don’t belong to u. Do not even EYE others possessions.
    3. DONOT HURT: Make others happy. If you cant, don’t hurt.  Speak & Act with care & concern.
    4. DONOT LET SEXUAL DESIRE RULE YOUR ACTIONS: Don’t do anything that you would not do otherwise for sexual purpose. Be ruled by your head.
    5. DONOT HATE: You will hate another if you do not like yourself. Unless Others block your Life’s way & path, do not be aggressive. Learn to appreciate the World. Live as if each day is your last
    6. DO NOT WEIGH MATERIAL GAIN OVER DOING GOOD: Don’t be ruled by your pocket. Ask yourself how many friends you have, not how much you own.
    7. DONOT HARBOUR INFERIORITY TO ANOTHER PERSON: Many will be better looking, better asseted, better endowed than u. Many will be worse. No reason to dislike someone better in any aspect. Learn the Best qualities from ur Enemy & shun the Worst qualities in ur Friend or Near one.
    8. DONOT POTRAY A FRONT DIFFERENT THAN YOUR TRUE SELF: Don’t say things you don’t mean. Don’t do things you would not have done. Don’t try to be What u are not. Learn to Like yourself & Potray Your Own Self. Be ur own man, not what others want to see u as.
    9. DONOT  DO ANYTHING WHICH WILL SHAME YOU: When all is over, Youth has faded, Zest has waned, U will be left with only what YOU think you ARE. Don’t do anything that pricks your conscience. Not for Money, Not for Gain, Not for sexual pleasures.
    10. BE OF SOME USE TO SOCIETY:  Do something without Gain. Help somebody. Give a shoulder to somebody. Share someone’s grief. Contribute positively to Society & Social cause.
    11. STAY AWAY FROM EXCESSES:    Desire in moderation. Too much desire will make u unhappy. Do everything in moderation. Take the middle path.
    12. PRACTISE ALL OF THIS. Without correct conditioning, Nothing will be achieved.  Keep up Practice.

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