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Welcome to Zen India Program ! first Lets try to understand Zen.

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  • Zen is an amalgamation of Lao Tsu’s Taoism from China with Bodhidharmas Mahayana Buddhism with some roots in Indian Yoga.
  • The establishment of Zen is credited to the monk Bodhidharma (500 C), who came to China to teach “special transmission outside of Buddhist scriptures which did not rely on words, but direct pointing into ones own nature”
  • Zen believes in acquiring wisdom by practical experience rather than by scriptures. Zen Meditation is about building awareness and self observation.
  • Za Zen or Seated meditation is is without any objects, chanting or content and is simply an effortless observation of ones mind and stream of thoughts.
  • Koans or puzzles are used to point to the truth and realize ‘Satori’ or momentary Liberation or realization. Examples of Koans are
    • “Does a dog have Buddha nature?”
    • “Show me your original face before your mother & father were born”
    • “How do you clap with one hand?”
  • Sometimes Monks used techniques to shock their students like a Loud shout or even striking with a light stick, to make the student let go of his traditional habituations and free his mind.
  • Satori or Awakening was the always the final goal of Zen. Satori can be found in every moment of life, it is wrapped in all daily activities. Zen has the goal to unwrap them to see Satori.

Zen, as understood today, is a completely non traditional way of Self Realization or awakening. It is today widely practised all over the world since it is practical, non controversial and downright realistic.

The Zen India Meditation Program

  • A Program for for obtaining, maintaining or restoring
  • Physical & Mental Rejuvenation; Spiritual Awakening & Good Health.
  • Designed scientifically on basis of training principles of the Shaolin Temple.
  • Conducted by a Team of Doctors, Philosophers & Execise Therapists.

If you are looking for a program that will build Energy, increase Vitality, improve Concentration, relieve Stress, rejuvenate boring Routines and develop Spirituality, then this Program is just meant for you.

  • Indian Buddhism, Japanese Zen, Meditation & Concentration Skills
  • Chinese Taoism & Shaolin Monastery Mental Techniques
  • Yoga Physical & Breathing Techniques,
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong Arts
  • Physiotherapy & Diet Therapy


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